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Ungelesen 06.03.2014, 19:52   #1

Hallo Alpina Fans..

I am selling my E61 and the idea of getting a D3 are getting stronger!

As the D3 are rare here, I think there are one or two in Denmark, I haven't ever driven one. How are it compared to a manual 320D as I know? Maybe some have driven both and could give me their conclusion?

Is there something special to be aware of looking at a 2006 or 2007 D3 E90? Because of the heavy taxes I am looking for a early one..

I am on an early state here but would really like all inputs.. (Be free to write in German)

Br Morten
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Ungelesen 06.03.2014, 20:05   #2
Aktive Alpinafreunde
Aw: D3

hey morten, would love to help you but I've got no idea with any D3..
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Ungelesen 06.03.2014, 21:34   #3
Team Alpina-Forum
Aw: D3

Hej Morten,
Jeg kan sikkert være dig behjælpelig eftersom som jeg bor i Hamborg, og taler tysk
Hvad har du tænkt dig af pris og evt omkreds for at finde en?
Overvej evt at melde dig til træffet i nord i påsken (søndag), så kan du tale med flere af kollegerne i forummet. Det vil gøre din søgning lettere.
Mvh Claus
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Ungelesen 20.11.2014, 09:04   #4
Aw: D3

I have my D3 for sale of your interested.
It's a E91 from 2009 Alpina Blau full leather beige automatic gearbox
For more info just send private email
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